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Mardi Gras Pancake Breakfast at Immanuel Village

You had to be up early if you were going to catch pancakes on Tues., March 5, at Immanuel Village. Jacob Schultz, our executive director, was up bright and early with his apron and chef's hat ready to flip out lots of fresh and delicious pancakes. There were pancakes flying on both sides of the room. Vicki Andress, our life enrichment manager, was flipping pancakes on one side and Jacob on the other. Some residents went back for seconds to see whose pancakes tasted better. The highlight of the morning was when Jacob tried to flip a long distance pancake onto Pastor Bob's plate. The first attempt hit the ceiling before it fell to the floor. The next try made it onto the plate with Vicki ready to back him up if it went too far. There was much laughter and conversation at this very special annual tradition here at Immanuel Village. If you missed out, please come by next year, but remember to get there early!