Meet Ed and Pat Guinane

Ed Guinane knew he had something special. “When I was overseas I felt very alone, so I wrote to her and she wrote back. I thought that was pretty awesome,” said Ed. His wife Pat, of more than 60 years, knew they would eventually get married. He was a grade above her in school. “We all had friends we ran around with. It was probably inevitable,” said Pat. Ed was 21 years old when he was stationed in South Korea. “I was in basic infantry training for 16 weeks. They allowed a huge group of us to get away for a bit and attend the USO show with Marilyn Monroe.” Some of America’s biggest stars made several visits to Korea to entertain service members during and soon after the end of Korean War combat. “It was nice to get away from the daily routine. It was nice to take a break from the monotony,” said Ed. After he left the military, Guinane moved to Sioux City, Iowa in 1954. He and Pat tied the knot. Guinane spent more than 30 years working in real estate and Pat worked as a secretary at the local hospital. Together, the couple has four children, several grandchildren and a great grandchild on the way. Their plate is very full.

Back in March, Ed and his wife moved to Omaha where he was born and raised. The two make their home in a second-floor apartment in Immanuel Village. “The views are beautiful. We love to watch the birds and take in the scenery,” said Pat. Both of them count their blessings and are grateful for the exceptional care they have received at Immanuel Village. “The experience has been really nice. The people are wonderful and very caring. All of it has been really nice,” said Pat. With more than 60 years of marriage and counting, one might wonder how you make it that far. “For many, many years we made a promise to each other that we would never carry a fight overnight. We would never go to bed angry. It isn’t worth it,” said Ed. “Then you almost have to laugh in the end because what we usually argued over was pretty ridiculous,” said Pat. “I fess up to the fact that I’d be lost without her,” said Ed. “And I couldn’t live without him. We couldn’t live without each other,” said Pat. “She’s put up with me for this long. That’s pretty damn good.”