Scatter Joy Acres Brings Furry Friends to Participants

Our friends at Immanuel Pathways Omaha had some furry visitors from Scatter Joy Acres during Fair Week. This organization operates as an animal-assisted therapy ranch, bringing together rescued animals and participants for a time of comfort and building communication skills. IPO participants were able to pet, hold, and cuddle with a few animals...including a small alpaca! There was plenty of joy to pass around.

This September we are celebrating National PACE month! Immanuel Pathways Omaha is one of our three PACE centers. PACE stands for Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Ederly. Enrollment in a PACE program ensures that a participant receives regular transportation between their home and a PACE center, which provides daily activities and nursing home level of care. On average a participant will make 16 trips per month.Throughout the country there are 239 PACE centers encompassing 31 states. Out of all the organizations that operate PACE, 93% are not-for-profit. 

Immanuel is proud to provide PACE programming to Omaha, SW Iowa and Central Iowa regions. To learn more about our Immanuel Pathways and the benefit of PACE centers, please visit

Scatter Joy Acres

Joy Bartling from Scatter Joy Acres brought in several animals to visit us on Sept. 10.  There was a small pig, a cute puppy, a cat, a baby peacock and an adorable goat. Everyone enjoyed petting and/or holding the animals. Joy and her volunteers had a great time visiting with us and sharing the stories of how the animals were rescued.