Marian’s Fitness Journey

If you saw Marian last fall, you would have seen her in a wheelchair. She battled knee issues and split her week between wheelchair and walker. Her doctor told his colleagues “hers are the worst knees you will see today.” 

But that didn’t stop Marian. She started using Pacific Spring’s wellness center’s NUSTEP, a type of exercise bicycle just six minutes a day. And through determination, kept with it. 

Today, Marian uses the NUSTEP 20 minutes a day without knee pain. She no longer needs pain relievers to make it through her day. She participates in activities on the Pacific Springs campus including bocce ball, volleyball, Wii bowling and putt golf. And did we mention that Marian just celebrated her 92nd birthday? 

If you think you’re “too old” to exercise or make a difference in your health, think again. With the right attitude and the right team behind you, the sky is the limit.