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One-On-One Training Improves Body, Mind and Spirit

Immanuel's wellness centers have helped residents and non-residents alike reignite their energy, improve their health, and build confidence.

The new and innovative wellness program offers beautiful wellness centers with state-of-the-art equipment and activities ranging from Yoga to Bocce Ball. Everything is designed specifically for adults 55 and older, providing a welcoming atmosphere and staff that are in-tune to your needs. One of the popular features for Immanuel residents are the one-on-one training sessions provided by our professional wellness staff.

Rita Becker, resident at Pacific Springs Village in Omaha, Nebraska, has enjoyed the benefits of this one-on-one training with wellness coordinator Candice Brooks. She shares her testimony below:

I’ve been involved with exercise programs and personal trainers for over 25 years, and I’ve encountered a lot of personalities.  Some were only motivated to “sell more services”; some didn’t bother to ask what my limitations might be.  Granted, I’m older and a bit less energetic, but when I told my trainer Candice (Brooks) that I simply want to be able to keep up with my 8-year-old grandson, that’s all that was needed.  And if I try an exercise that I’m not comfortable with, she immediately offers an alternative.  It’s the best of both worlds – a good work-out routine, and a strict concern for my safety and well-being.  I’ve come to realize that “no pain – no gain” is nonsense!

A lot of people believe they can’t go see a personal trainer unless they are in “good shape” already.  We see these buff bodies at the commercial gyms and it’s hard to imagine they ever looked any different.   Rest assured that few started out that way, and there’s NO ONE here in your community that will judge you!  The goal of the trainers here is self-improvement, however you perceive that.  They are incredibly encouraging, gentle yet firm (“you can do it!”) and concerned with safety and good health.  It’s not about being as good as someone else, it’s about being better than you were before.

I look forward to my level of fitness improving as I stay with my exercise and more importantly, as I’m guided by a trainer who has not been pressured to “sell” anything.  They simply offer to help make our lives fuller and more mobile!

A resident and wellness coordinator pose for a photo in Pacific Spring Village's Thrive wellness center.

To learn more about the Immanuel's wellness programming, contact us or schedule a visit!