Candlelight Holiday Concert

Residents of The Shores celebrated the Spirit of Christmas by attending Central College's Christmas Candlelight Concert at Des Moines' beautiful Westminster Presbyterian Church. The concert included the college's choir, orchestra, and handbell choir under the direction of Mark Babcock. 
Westminster Church boasts a glorious pipe organ that added to concertgoer's experience. The organ stands about thirty-six feet tall from its footings below the floor to the top of the case and weighs seventeen and one-half tons. The organ's thirty-eight ranks contain a total of 1,828 pipes. Each keyboard has fifty-six notes with naturals of Ebony and sharps of Rosewood and Ivory (from WPC website). The sound is moving and incredible. Residents agreed the musical event was seen and felt as much as it was heard.
The Christmas Spirit was felt by all through this unforgettable and moving musical experience. Westminster is home church to Shores' residents Larry and Jane Mahaffey who say they were delighted to share this annual Christmas concert tradition with their friends at The Shores.