The (Not-So) Newlywed Game

Fun and shenanigans are nothing new at The Shores. This week, residents and staff celebrated National Assisted Living Week as couples competed in the (Not-So) Newlywed Game!!
Under the guidance of Brittney Kass, lifestyle coordinator, Shores' residents exercised their Spark of Creativity by hosting their own gameshow, The (not-so) Newlywed Game! Rhonda Maydwell played the part of game show host while resident and staff couples answered questions about their respective spouses. We all learned a lot about some of our favorite couples through thought provoking (and often gut-busting) questions! Contestants guessed how their better halves would respond to questions such as: 

  • "How much would your wife say is the most she ever paid for a pair of shoes?"
  • "I love doing ________, but it drives my wife absolutely bananas!"
  • "Who would your wife say initiated the first kiss?"
  • "I wish my husband would pay as much attention to me as he does his ________."

Our couples were great sports and walked away with homemade, heart-shaped chocolates from Stam's Chocolaterie! Residents and staff alike loved the game show! We may have to make this an annual tradition!