Hearts of Immanuel | Mounica Soma

Mounica Soma, clinical experience program coordinator at Immanuel.

Hearts of Immanuel is a series dedicated to the amazing employees that work within our communities and centers. Never losing sight of the Immanuel mission, our employees strive to perform the best they can. This is especially true for our next feature, Mounica Soma. Within an ever-expanding organization, Mounica has fulfilled a completely new role here at the home office as clinical experience program coordinator.

Describe what it is you do as a clinical experience program coordinator?

I coordinate the educational affiliation program and ensure appropriate documentation and administrative processes are complete. I work together with the school’s faculty and Immanuel locations to verify suitable opportunity on potential expansion opportunities. I meet with the faculty partners, identify their learning needs, ensure student and staff satisfaction through evaluation surveys, and promote to create collaborative learning environment for students. In addition, I work in coordination with the training & organizational development director and talent acquisition team to develop a collaborative plan to include training and recruitment strategies.

Tell us about the new educational opportunities Immanuel offers for students in senior health care.

Immanuel is working to develop a well-defined strategy and guidelines for growth and expansion across various disciplines and schools. I feel exposing students to senior health care practice during their fieldwork is a promising approach to address the workforce shortage in senior care. Currently, Immanuel offers new educational opportunities to nurse practitioners, registered nurses, medical residents, social work, dietetics, pharmacy, therapy, gerontology and other disciplines. In addition, Immanuel serves as a host to a variety of student experiences including practicum, observation, research, internships, fellowships and many more.

What has your experience been like working for Immanuel?

Immanuel has been my first employer ever since I graduated with a master’s degree. Immanuel is a great place to work. I have been blessed with supportive coworkers and motivating team. The best part of my job is to meet people and I learn something new from every person I meet. The workplace culture supports learning and development on the job and really rewards hard work. I feel Immanuel has a flexible approach to the individual preferences for work-life balance and offers countless opportunities for growth and advancement. I am glad to be part of this wonderful family.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy learning different kinds of calligraphy art and 3D sketching. I feel calligraphy is an effective way to communicate a message in a beautiful way, and adding illustrations/embellishments adds to the striking nature of the art piece. I try my best to attend copperplate and brush lettering calligraphy classes as well workshops whenever I find time. I also love doing yoga and spending an hour playing tennis after my work.

What is your favorite memory growing up?

I grew up spending most of my summer vacations at grandparents’ house in India. One of my childhood memories was exploring the paddy fields and streams behind Grandma’s home with my cousins. Having Grandma’s deliciously baked food and putting on lots of weight was the most memorable part. The physical time that my grandparents spent with just me meant so much, especially since I was the youngest of all.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

Europe, in general, always felt magical to me. I love everything about the countries being so close together, people speaking different languages, the different cultures, landscapes, lifestyles and all the history. I have been to Paris last year and would love to visit again to cherish the mesmerizing beauty of Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. I wish I could travel to all the European countries with my family for a relaxing and breathtaking vacation.

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