Meet Tammy Sealer

Being surrounded by great people makes your job easier and enjoyable. Just ask Tammy Sealer who has been with Immanuel for 17 years. “In every role I’ve been in, I’ve worked with a great group of people,” said Sealer. She served as an executive director at Trinity Village in Papillion when that location opened in 2000. Sealer also spent a few years working at the Home Office and when Immanuel acquired Pacific Springs Village she worked there as an executive director before moving over to Lakeside Village for three years where she focused primarily on expansion projects. Sealer was promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Immanuel in 2013. She attributes her growth and success within our organization to the kind of work environment we provide and the quality of people we have on our team. “It’s a great environment to personally and professionally grow as an individual. I know that working at Immanuel has definitely made me a better person,” Sealer said.

Prior to joining Immanuel, Sealer was a nursing home administrator. And with 23 years of experience working in the senior living industry, Tammy understands the unique needs and challenges many of our residents, participants and their families often face when it comes to making decisions about their health care needs. “You are able to listen and learn so much from them. Their perspectives have helped me center myself. Sometimes the happiest residents or participants have had the most difficult journey in life. They have been through so much,” said Sealer. Outside of work, Tammy enjoys spending a lot of time with her family including her husband Jay who is a physical education teacher in Council Bluffs, their daughter Sophie, a junior at UNL and son Max, a sophomore also at UNL. When it’s nice out, you can usually find them doing some kind of outdoor activity. “Being active in some way is my favorite way to spend my weekend. We live on a small lake so we love to go boating,” said Sealer.

Tammy also believes the success of our organization is evident in much of the work we do and the impact we have made and continue to make in the lives of our seniors and their families. Much of that success, Sealer says, is driven by our Mission to provide Christ-centered Service to Seniors, Each Other and the Community. “People are driven by it. Our residents, our participants, their families and our employees, they are all driven by our Mission. You can see it in the hard work we do and the health care challenges we face every day. This is not a career you pick if you’re not driven, motivated or passionate.” ‪#‎HeartsOfImmanuel‬