Hearts of Immanuel | Karen Godin

Karen Godin, in-home service manager at Pathways in Southwest Iowa, shares her Immanuel success story. Godin first began her career with Immanuel as a CNA at Lakeside Village. It was there that she decided to pursue higher education. While in school, Godin worked nights at Trinity Village and graduated in 2012. She desired to work with PACE® as a nurse, so as soon as she graduated she was hired at her current location as an RN. This past December she was promoted to be the in-home service manager.

“Immanuel promotes an atmosphere of growth,” says Godin. “Immanuel is limitless and I try to convey that with my staff as well. Even jobs that weren’t thought of a few years ago suddenly are there. I think it’s exciting.”

Along with the opportunities provided to employees, Godin greatly believes in the good that Immanuel Pathways PACE provides its participants. 

“Pathways is such a great help to family members and participants’ health. A lot of them would skip a doctor’s appointment because they wouldn’t have a way to get there or they didn’t want to bother family members. Either that, or a family member is relied on heavily and experiences burnout.”

Godin sees both sides of the program, as her own father has been a participant for two years. She explains that at Pathways, both staff and participants, experience a family atmosphere. People who come into the program are like family.

“You become intertwined with them,” says Godin. “When you come to work on Monday you’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, what happened on Saturday or Sunday?’”

Outside of work, Godin has tried her hand at acrylics. She says that painting has become an avenue for her. She also loves to read, garden and just recently sold her motorcycle, which she rode as a hobby.

She attributes her personal growth to her husband, Dave.

“He’s never standing in my way about what I want to accomplish. He’s always very forgiving and gracious if something doesn’t go right. He’s a good guy.” 

With Immanuel, Karen has the opportunity to accomplish great things. Known for her servant heart and listening ear, we are grateful for her contributions to the organization and to the participants that she cares for so deeply.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your story. 

To learn more about Immanuel’s Pathways Program, please visit immanuel.com/immanuel-pathways.