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Our Communities
Image for Newsletter Volunteers
Feb 13, 2020

Newsletter Volunteers

Huge big thanks to our newsletter volunteers who keep family and friends in the loop on happenings at Trinity Village. 

Image for Super Bowl Sunday at The Shores
Feb 13, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday at The Shores

Fans of the Chiefs and the Niners get festive for this year’s big game. 

Image for Arboretum Line Dancing
Feb 13, 2020

Arboretum Line Dancing

Weekly classes encourage residents to get up and get dancing! 

Image for Wellness Sock Challenge
Feb 4, 2020

Wellness Sock Challenge

Residents show their fun socks for a chance at free lunch!

Image for Cathedral Flower Show
Feb 4, 2020

Cathedral Flower Show

Residents enjoy a beautiful tradition at St. Cecilia Cathedral. 

Image for Snowball Dinner
Jan 31, 2020

Snowball Dinner

Residents celebrate the snow with a wintery themed dinner. 

Image for The Shores Residents Give Back
Jan 31, 2020

The Shores Residents Give Back

Residents join together for the homeless. 

Image for Candlelight Holiday Concert
Dec 26, 2019

Candlelight Holiday Concert

Resident enjoyed a very special holiday event at attending Central College's Christmas Candlelight Concert. 

Image for National Poinsettia Day
Dec 26, 2019

National Poinsettia Day

Holiday visit to Lauritzen Gardens

Image for Wine, Cheese and Christmas Trees
Dec 15, 2019

Wine, Cheese and Christmas Trees

Holiday fun at Lincoln’s Yankee Hill Village

Image for Holiday Shopping Spree
Dec 15, 2019

Holiday Shopping Spree

Holiday shopping steps from your door! 

Image for Thanksgiving Supper
Nov 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Supper

The Shores residents celebrate the holidays with employees and neighbors.