Hearts of Immanuel | Mark Reinke

mark reinke environmental services employee at the landing

We are featuring Mark Reinke, carpenter in environmental services at The Landing, an Immanuel community.

Mark has been in his role with Immanuel since September 2010. Working in the maintenance department, he heads renovations as well as overseeing vendors. He works closely with the maintenance crew, housekeepers and the marketing team to ensure a move-in for a resident is executed properly.

The skills Mark has for building and renovating were fostered in him at a young age. His grandfather was a retired carpenter when Mark was in junior high, and would invest time into teaching Mark the trade. Mark then went on to Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska, and completed their building construction program. The program provided students with assignments to frame houses, work on trimming, and gain knowledge about other relevant skills.

Before taking the position at Immanuel, Mark worked for a homebuilder for twenty-four years. At the time, homebuilding was becoming more difficult and the business was forced to downsize. He applied at Immanuel after seeing the job online.

“It was like God opened this door for me,” said Mark. “I knew I was getting laid-off and I saw the position immediately.”

After accepting a job offer from Immanuel, Mark not only found a job, he found a vocation. He thoroughly enjoys working with seniors; hearing their stories and joking with them. He has laughed with them, cried with them, and grown closer to them, finding fulfillment in serving those that he cares so deeply about.

Outside of work Mark spends a majority of his time with his four grandsons. He enjoys watching them play sports and spending quality time with family. His wife works in travel sales part-time and together they make great traveling partners, with a trip to the Caribbean and Antigua in their near future. When he is not working at The Landing, he also officiates high school football alongside his son. This year he was selected to officiate the Shrine Bowl game at the University of Kearney, something he is very excited about.

Mark believes that God puts all people in situations for a reason, and that his job transition to Immanuel was an example of this. He is now thriving in an environment that is centered on a mission of Christ-centered service and has gained deep friendships with the residents he works for.