Immanuel Courtyard Celebrates Saint Patrick's Day

Cynthia Ziesman, the "Queen of Theme" of Kansas City captivated the Assisted Living Residents with a delightful St. Patty's Day Social. She introduced the residents to many wonderful Irish tunes as well as challenged them with Irish trivia. With her perfect "Irish brogue" she said everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Every resident took turns saying their name and she added a vibrant "O" to it. There were lots of laughs as they heard of O'Barret and O'Bayless, O'McKinney and O'Malzahn, as well as O'Stehno and O'Stiles!

Cynthia was a delight!

Cynthia, the Queen of Theme, is dressed head to toe in Irish apparel and introduces residents to some Irish tunes

Immanuel Courtyard residents wave their Irish top hats in the air for the camera

an Immanuel Courtyard employee helps poor some Irish drinks in the form of 7 Up

more immanuel courtyard residents wave to the camera with an immanuel courtyard employee dressed in an irish top hat