Hearts of Immanuel | Janelle Miller

Janelle Miller, choir director for Immanuel Communities, is this month’s Hearts of Immanuel feature.

Janelle is passionate about providing the gift of music to communities. Whether singing in church choir as a child or taking piano lessons, she says that all residents have a link to music.

“Music is just such a lifter,” she says. “It’s an opportunity for residents to not only receive, but to give back to others as well.”

Even as some residents may be experiencing a difficult season, such as sickness or other challenges, Janelle believes that music has the power to heal their spirits. She mentions that if residents ever enter a choir practice without a smile, by the end of their time together all are grinning and joyous. During an Immanuel performance, it is evident that the music instantly brightens the faces in the room.

Directing five communities, including two ladies groups and three chime choirs, keeps Janelle on her toes. Programs are driven by the year and music is chosen at least six months in advance. Immanuel’s Christmas and Easter programs are among the most popular. Recently The Landing performed 100 years of Broadway, a fun ensemble showcasing familiar hits.  The Immanuel chime choir also performed at the Holland Center before the Christmas symphony last December.

When asked what it has been like to work for Immanuel, Janelle responded, “I’ve been treated nothing but wonderfully by Immanuel. I’m at the place in life where I don’t have to work anywhere, but Immanuel has been nothing but very good to me.”