Hearts of Immanuel | Steven Bock

Photo of Steven Bock in the Pacific Springs Village dining room.

This month we are featuring Steven Bock, interim executive chef and lead cook at Pacific Springs Village in Omaha, Nebraska.

As the head of Pacific Spring’s dining program, Steven is in charge of preparing food for both assisted and independent living and ensuring the dining room and kitchen staff are running smoothly. He oversees breakfast, lunch and dinner; as well as bringing joy to both staff and residents with his energetic personality and kind spirit. His passion for his job is hard to miss.

“I enjoy working with my teammates, but to have a resident come up to me and tell me face-to-face that they loved a dish — that truly touches my heart and soul.”

Steven grew up in Omaha. He accredits his passion for cooking to his mother and two grandmothers, Dorothy and Agnes, who captivated him for hours at an early age with their love of food. They taught him everything from chopping and prepping to cooking a full meal and dessert. Although his grandmothers are no longer around, he enjoys recreating fond memories by visiting his mother and cooking familiar dishes together.

Steven explains that you can have a great assortment of food, but what really makes an unforgettable meal is pairing it with great people.

“I look back at the meals that can never be topped and they all have one aspect in common — the people I’m eating with at the table!”

He provides this experience to the residents of Pacific Springs Village every day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t just a time to eat food, but an opportunity for individuals to enjoy a cook-to-order meal with lifelong friends. Resident requests are always taken into consideration and professional chefs like Steven are consistently rotating menus to provide a diverse selection.

When asked what his favorite recipe on the menu is, he responded that he enjoys the “Chef’s Choice” or “The Catch.” He is a part of the entire circle of creation, using his God-given talent of creativity to plan, prep, create, prepare, and plate. This exploration is fulfilling to him.

Steven has made it a point to live his life to the fullest. He enjoys scuba diving, hunting, fishing, building hot rods, gardening tropical plants and woodworking. He finds enjoyment in traveling, and makes sure to cook in every location he visits.

When asked what he is most passionate about, Steven responded that his relationship with Jesus Christ is number one. Following that he believes in being true to yourself, finds importance in doing things right the first time, and takes a special interest in juicing organic fruits and vegetables.

Steven is looking forward to starting a new life with his fiancé (current senior living consultant at Pacific Springs) and her two children. He is excited to create a woodshop and garden in their new home.

Steven certainly has been a positive addition to the Immanuel dining program. Overall, he believes that the one thing he has experienced at Immanuel that is unlike any other place he has worked is a sense of peace.

Steven Bock stirs a mixture in a large pot over a stove for lunch at Pacific Springs Village.

Steven shares a big smile with one of his cooks while transporting a bucket to the sink.

Steven Bock laughs with a fellow cook while washing dishes in the Pacific Springs Village kitchen.

Photo taken in between stainless steel shelving of Steven smiling and rushing through the kitchen.

Steven Bock stirs a mixture in a plastic container in the Pacific Springs Village kitchen.

A fellow cook shares a big laugh when talking with Steven as the wait for the elevator at Pacific Springs Village

Steven Bock poses with two cooks and lifestyle manager at Pacific Springs Village in the kitchen