Cheer Boxes Enjoyed at Immanuel Fontenelle

The Christmas season is a time we typically think of as being surrounded by loved ones. For some people, though, that is not the case. Sometimes residents do not have a visitor for the holidays. Immanuel Fontenelle knew this and wanted to do something about it.

This year, the community submitted an entry to receive Cheer Boxes from Hallmark. The organization was devoted to combating loneliness this season after learning 50% of people living in long-term care communities do not receive a visitor every year. 50 entries are chosen every year, and Immanuel Fontenelle was one of them! 

Employees from Physician's Mutual partnered with Hallmark and assisted in putting the boxes together and delivering them to residents. Residents opened the packages to reveal gifts such as board games, creative utensils, reminisce cards, Hallmark movies and "Strike A Pose" photo props. Physician Mutual employees then posed for photo booth pictures with residents, sang Christmas carols and reminisced about what Christmas was like for residents when they were growing up.

A special thank you to Hallmark and Physician's Mutual for adding a little cheer to our holiday season!

Immanuel Fontenelle senior living community receives a Cheer Box during the holiday season.A resident from Immanuel Fontenelle senior living community poses for a photo during a Christmas partyA resident from Immanuel Fontenelle senior living community poses with an employee from Physician's Mutual during a holiday party.Residents from Immanuel Fontenelle pose for a photo during the annual Christmas party in which they received a Cheer Box

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